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HANS Diamond Precision endless/loop Wire Saws offer a wide range of applications in the Wafering Market Diamond Tool industry. These saws are capable of producing non-destructive, non-deforming cuts or slices in both homogeneous and bonded materials with vastly different compositional properties. Materials such as metals, plastics, quartz, glass, graphite, and ceramics can all be successfully cut using these saws in areas such as Research and Development, Quality Control, Failure Analysis, and Production.
The precision cut and resulting smooth finish provided by HANS Wire Saws often eliminates or greatly reduces the need for polishing, saving time and resources. These saws are not limited to industrial applications, but also find use in geology, archaeology, and paleontology; criminology and forensics; biology, pathology, histology, anatomy, and dentistry. We also offer wire saws that are compatible with MTI, WELL, and other brand machines.
With HANS Diamond Precision endless/loop Wire Saws, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. These saws offer unparalleled precision and accuracy in cutting a wide range of materials, making them an essential tool in any industry that requires precise cuts and smooth finishes.
Diamond Wire Loop Saw
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