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For our Loop Diamond Wire Saw, it could be used for cutting the hybrid materials, such as ceramic mixed with iron, when cutting, the iron chips will be adhered onto the diamond surface, but at the same time, the ceramic materials will carry off the iron chip, so the hybrid materials is ok. If cutting the pure metal, after cutting some distance, the iron will be adhered onto the diamond surface and stop the diamond further cutting, so it is not fit for the big area cutting, small area pure metal is ok.

The Loop Diamond Wire Saw is the perfect solution for cutting low-stress, precision metal products that are expensive and made of delicate materials such as Teflon. It offers a small cutting force, narrow kerfs, and is difficult to crack, ensuring high cutting efficiency performance. At Hans, we provide complete technical support and long-term assistance to meet our customers' needs. We also offer personalized recommendations for diamond wire loops that work seamlessly with the diamond wire saw. With us, you can rest assured that your cutting needs will be met with the utmost precision and care.

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